About us

Green’s Green creates a new agricultural
industry through cultivating moss
with wood pellet fuel and providing
eco-friendly green products.

Our business aims to create a new sixth sector industrialization in Akiha district Niigata, Japan by cultivating moss utilizing the abandoned farmland.

Through this project, our aim is the regeneration of woodlands, employment of new farmers and permanent development of local industry “horticulture”.

〈 Head office 〉
3-18-5 Akiha Akiha-ku Niigata-city, Japan

〈 Tel 〉
+81 (0)250-27-1628

Company Name GREEN’S GREEN Co., LTD.
Representative Director Seiya Sato
Date founded September 1 2015
Paid-in Capital 3 million yen
Main Business activities ・Moss cultivation
・Moss products sales