MASU (Japanese wood container) + MOSS
MASUMOSS is a GREEN Interior decoration,
which is produced in Akiha, Niigata,
where the Japanese plants are combined with moss and masu containers in a sustainable recycling system,
with Japan’s skills, their tradition and the beauty.

Forest and Recycling

MASUMOSS is made with local plants which are heated and managed using wood pellet biomass fuel.
We produce green commodities by utilizing heating systems with wood pellets and improve the forests with the profits from MASUMOSS sales.

Akiha Niigata, Japan, a horticultural area.

Akiha district in Niigata City has been a major horticultural area since the Edo period (1603-1868).
Japanese quince (Boke), Azalea, Japanese apricot tree (Ume) etc. are major products there currently.
Local plants and local moss are used for MASUMOSS and local horticultural engineers and bonsai artists manage it.

FAIRMOSS; Eco-friendly moss

Currently there is an issue that natural moss in some areas could be destroyed because of indiscriminate picking. Since Bonsai and Kokedama are becoming popular, overpicking natural moss hurts the eco-system. FAIR MOSS: Green’s Green uses the eco-friendly moss, which is grown by skillful farmers with special technology in moss farms.


MASUMOSS launched in PARIS in 2015. It was revealed at “Maison et Objet”, the international interior show” and is sold at Aquaphyte, Paris by Adrien Bénard, who is a specialist of KOKEDAMA.
MASUMOSS has been being shown in NEW YORK since 2016.

Our Rental service easier to enjoy MASUMOSS

We also offer you the rental service of MASUMOSS. MASUMOSS plants are changed regularly,so you can change them to suit your different moods. At your home, in your office, would you like to have a small piece of Japan with you?;MASUMOSS.