WPPC(Wood Pellet Products Company) is a partners of Green’s green.
They produce wood pellets (wood biomass fuel)
with local thinned woods and provide pellet stoves,
its related products and services.

What is a wood pellet?

Wood pellets are densely packed fuel tips. They are made from thinned woods and come from local forests and used for pellet stoves or industrial boilers.
A wood pellet is eco-friendly. Replacing boilers with oil fuel for heating devices utilizing pellets reduces total carbon dioxide emission (Carbon Offset).

The land of oil forward to the land of wood fuel

The Akiha-ku Niigata, Japan used to be called “the land of oil”. This area was the largest oil producer in Japan in the Taisho era (1912-1926). WPPC is located in the Akiha-ku and currently utilizes local wood resource from the forests used to be oil lands.

The forest of “more Trees” Akiha Niigata

Niitsu hills of Akiha district Niigata City is certified as the 9th official forest of “moreTrees by an agreement with WPPC, Niigata City and MoreTrees. MoreTrees is an organization that preserves forests. Plants of Green’s Green products heated by wood pellets come from the forest.